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CALIFORNIA: Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

Governor signs bill banning single-use plastic bags statewide.Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed legislation banning single-use plastic bags statewide, driven to action by complaints of widespread litter and damage to aquatic ecosystems. A spokesman for a national coalition of plastic bag manufacturers said they would seek a voter referendum to repeal the law, which is scheduled to take effect in July 2015.

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WALNUT CREEK: Purse Dipper Caught - On Tape, At Least

Walnut Creek diner robbed as she lunches.A woman dining at a downtown restaurant had a hard lesson driven home recently after police advised her that she had been robbed - while lunching - and never even noticed. Fortunately, or maybe not, the incident was recorded for posterity.

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LAFAYETTE: Play Pistol, Stolen Items Recovered After Springhill Crime Spree

Lafayette police arrest two people after a series of crimes overnight.Friday got off to a rousing start in Lafayette when a resident spotted a woman dozing in a truck parked outside a downtown business - a pistol in her lap. What happened next exemplifies what police officers can expect to face in the course of their day.

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WALNUT CREEK: Reverse Postmen Captured - Mail Comes, They Take It Away

What the mailman leaveth, they taketh away.NEWS24-680 readers know we post pictures and video of suspected mail raiders from time to time, grainy and distorted images of people running up to your front porch and snatching gramma's birthday present to cousin Nickie right off the welcome mat. Today, we get a closeup look at one such pair.

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MORAGA: Devin Drive Burglary Under Investigation

.Moraga police are investigating a residential burglary reported Monday in the heart of town. The homeowner told officers the theft occurred while the family was away and was discovered upon return.

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LAFAYETTE: "Gimme Your Car, A Pack Of Cigarettes - And Some Nachos, To Go..."

Lafayette police chase down a carjacker and fast food thief.Filed perhaps under "Hey, you can't make this stuff up" a 27-year-old Concord man is in custody Sunday after allegedly car jacking a "friends'" car Friday, stealing an arm-load of snacks from a downtown convenience store and threatening a store clerk with a knife before leaving town in a cloud of dust.

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10.01.2014 7:00 pm - 10:00 pmMORAGA-ORINDA: Fire District Board of Directors

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Guest Blog: An Hour of "Off." A Small Screen Time Win is Still a Win

Paul Espinas, News24-680's resident pediatrician.Consider this question: What is the average amount of time the average kid spends with a screen?

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ARTS: Death Letter Blues For A Moody Sunday In The Numbers

News24/680 Request LineWe needed something, an Old School Blues Classic with a contemporary edge and, as we have so often in the past when these moods hit, we fell back on the music of The White Stripes to lift our spirits and get us back in church.

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DANVILLE: Crime Logs For Sept. 21 To 27

Danville Police Log.As things go, Danville remains a quiet bastion of bucolic suburban bliss, but as we see from calls logged by the men and women of the Danville police department last week, there was still plenty of work to do.

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"Crow Smarts" Field Notes from New Caledonia

Science, News24-680, Tesla Fong, Pamela S Turner, New Caledonian crows using tools to feed. Discovery is the very essence of science, so it makes total sense that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and adventure go hand-in-hand.

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