LAMORINDA: Add Your Family Folklore To Aunt Elsie's Digital History Project

Lamorinda Digital History ProjectVeterano Lamorindans may remember being corralled by Moraga school district librarian Elsie Mastick as school kids back in the day. Elsie, known around the NEWS24-680 newsroom as "Aunt Elsie," is asking for a digital assist from computer savvy readers with tales to tell about their arrival - and experiences - in early Lamorinda.

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LAMORINDA: Cougars Nail Down CIF NorCal DIII Championship

Cougars triumph.Despite a strong opening series by the Sutter Huskies the Cougars of Moraga's Campolindo High School came back strong, regained the lead in a CIF DivIII showdown at Acalanes High School tonight, Saturday, and came out on top, winning 35 to 14.

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LAFAYETTE: Burglars Operating Remotely In Happy Valley

Burglars hit Happy Valley homes.Thieves rifling unlocked cars in Happy Valley weren't happy with the usual haul of spare bridge change, sunglasses and the occasional electronic device - they took the garage door openers, too, and came back later for more.

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LETTERS: Change Afoot In How Alamo - And Lamorinda - Are Represented?

Letter to the EditorAn Alamo resident ponders how his neighbors in Alamo and Lamorinda feel about a possible shift in representation of their neighborhoods at the county level.

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MORAGA: Zero Blower Thirty Wake-Up Call Prompts Civilian Blowback

Satan's Engine speaks!How early is too early to fire up a leaf blower in Leafy Lamorinda? Some locals have an idea there shouldn't be any blowing in town before 8 a.m. Some landscapers/maintenance crews, apparently, have an entirely different view.

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OPINION: The Truth - Can We Handle It?

Are we ready for the truth?Given the stream of current issues before us: CIA Abuses; Ongoing US Presence In Places That Hate Us; Supposedly Gun-Happy Cops; Open Defiance of Authority Figures and, last but not least - Magnum PI Tailing Kids In Orinda, we thought we’d serve up one last hard-shelled Op-Ed piece before we succumb to Holiday Reverie here at NEWS24-680.

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LAFAYETTE: Alert Teller, Police Head Off Real-Time IRS Phone Scam Monday

Would you wire lots of money to these people?Chalk up a win for the good guys. Finally. A sharp bank teller and Lafayette police headed off one of those insidious IRS phone scams in real-time Monday - saving a woman a large sum of money as she was withdrawing cash to send the scammer at an undisclosed location.

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LAMORINDA ARTS: CAPA Makes Indoor Snow At Holiday Nutcracker Show

San Francisco East Bay, Events, CAPA's annual presentation of the Nutcracker, Dec. 6, 7, 8.Snow falls onstage and the Christmas tree grows to great heights in the annual California Academy of Performing Arts presentation of "The Nutcracker." With more than 100 Lamorinda performers ranging in age from 6 – 18 years, this elaborate production features sumptuous sets, live narration, and creative costumes.

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MORAGA: Kinda Drinky; Kinda Hinky, And Priority Re-Examinations

Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Moraga crime beat.Ah, Moraga - rolling hills, pastoral fields and neighbors tipping their hats to one another as they pass. And then there's the Moraga we know...

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ALAMO: Backers Seeking Input On Look, Feel Of Latest Park

What should Alamo's latest park look like?A patch of grass. Native plants in riotous explosion. Maybe some public art and a water feature or two. But that's just us. What do you think Alamo's newest park should look like?

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