Thanksgiving Day Ruminations From Scoop 24-680

A grizzled old scribbler sets pen to paper for Thanksgiving Day.A NEWS24-680 Thanksgiving Poem.


A.J. "Scoop" 24-680

What’s to be thankful for this 2014 you might ask?

Why, that’s easy, say we - a News Team, up to every task!

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WALNUT CREEK: Pedestrian Scramble Up And Running At Key Intersections

Pedestrians get to Walnut Creek city officials announced the opening of two new "scramble" intersections at key downtown locations Tuesday, in a move designed to further separate cars and pedestrians and give anticipated downtown foot traffic the ability to cross the intersection in any direction.

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A Finding In Ferguson: A Town Awaits A Grand Jury Finding On Michael Brown Shooting Case

.The community of Ferguson, Missouri - and interested parties across much of the nation - stands by for a grand jury finding in a highly publicized officer-involved shooting case in that city.

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WALNUT CREEK: Choppers Are Sexy, But Dog Is My Co-Pilot

.An early Saturday morning search in Walnut Creek drew a lot of attention from readers - especially when the chopper buzzed in - but it turned out a trooper named Sheyna was the real boots on the ground that morning, finding a missing person within minutes.

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ORINDA: Police Logs Record Burglaries, Thefts

Orinda Police Log.Police have been busy in Orinda in recent days as thieves have targeted homes and car for burglary. Police also logged a success, identifying two people they say had been burglarizing cars throughout The Numbers and recovering thousands of dollars worth of stolen items.

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DANVILLE: Burrito Craving? Thief Uses Rock To Open Los Panchos

Lamorinda, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo Danville.We're not precisely sure what was taken because it wasn't on the police report and we hope it wasn't the makings for a No. 22 Enchilada Dinner, a fave of ours, but it appears a local burglar really wanted to get inside the popular Los Panchos restaurant recently - using a rock to gain entry.

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WALNUT CREEK: Police Scoop Up Two Suspected Burglars, Find Tools Of The Trade

.Walnut Creek police, alerted by a citizen, responded to Masters Court in their city early Tuesday morning and - with a little help from a canine tracking team - found a man who admitted to stealing items from a car in the parking lot and another who was allegedly found in possession of a respectable arsenal of weaponry.

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ARTS: "Howling For You..."

News24/680 Request LineEpic Friday night in The Numbers with public Hook-Ups and equally public Break-Ups and passions stirred by AppleTinis and beer. We clanged around downtown Walnut Creek until the streets grew cold and the bars too full, and then we heard this on our mobile playlist... appropriate background music for the evening.

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MORAGA: Police Calls - Burglaries; Bad Guys Starting A Band?

Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Moraga crime beat.Ah, Moraga - rolling hills, pastoral fields and neighbors tipping their hats to one another as they pass. And then there's the Moraga we know...

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SAN RAMON: Local Man Dies In Avocado Court House Fire

San Ramon man dies in two-alarm blaze.Friends and family of a popular local businessman and veteran mourned his loss this weekend after fire overwhelmed him in the Avocado Court residence he has inhabited the past 40 years. Doug Trampetti, 69, was found inside the burning home Saturday. He was later declared dead at a local hospital.

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